Seafood splendor at Cinque Terre

Rachel Green

CINQUE TERRE, Italy – Weekend adventures led me to the five towns of Cinque Terre along Italy’s western coast where I discovered its treasure, seafood.



After a beautiful boat ride on the turquoise water with a view of all five of the hillside towns, we reached the fifth, Monterosso. There, we came across Ristorante Belvedere. A quaint little place right by the water, it was relatively inexpensive and the food was tasty.

Cinque Terre, known for its walking trails between towns with wide ocean vistas, also has excellent fried calamari and prawns. I made a decision.

Two others in the group ordered the same thing so we received a heaping portion of fried seafood–whole prawns; eyeballs, brains and all, calamari in giant pieces, so fresh and delicious when dipped in olive oil and salt.

Collectively, we managed to polish off the whole massive plate of seafood, quite an accomplishment.

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