Ciao Italia!

IMG_6829COLUMBIA, Missouri — The MU food writers are hitting the trail for Florence and Siena, Italy, starting next week. I am excited to say that seven journalists–Chole Castelberry, Breckyn Crocker, Molly Curry, Christine Jackson, Elizabeth Johnson, Claire Lardizabal and Faith Vickery–are joining my class this summer.

May 2015

May 2015

We’ll give repeated and detailed attention to balsamic. To prosciutto. To pasta. Ditto, Parmesan. We will study intently the intricacies of panna cotta. It’s going to be a happy journey in food. One that will make you want to cook, or merely eat like a world citizen. Farm production, to food logistics and flavor. History, culture, and everything in between with evidence on the plate. I hope you’ll explore the region and our food stories as we launch this year’s series.

We arrive in Florence May 18 and began the blog series, Penne for Your Thoughts, just after. Thanks for following our coverage.

–Nina Furstenau, Instructor


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