To market, to market–Florence style

By: Chloe Castleberry

FLORENCE, Italy–I walked the aisles of the market taking in the people, smells, clothes, but most importantly, the food. I have been to other markets before in Atlanta and the “Taste of Chicago,” but none of those really compare to what I saw at the Mercato St. Ambrogio. Yes, they have a lot of food to offer at those other markets and, yes, the food is quite delicious, but it’s the quality, variety and authenticity of the food at the Mercato St. Ambrogio that made this market experience completely different. For starters, there were so many foods to choose from.
IMG_3470For example, one of the stands was selling cheese, but not just your average one and done cheddar. There was mozzarella, gouda, pecorino, parmesan, and many more. Today I visited another market, the Mercato Centrale, where they had cheeses that were made in France, Tuscany, England, and Northern England. The cheese vendor was offering little diced samples of the many cheeses and with each bite I was more and more tempted to buy a whole wheel of cheese for myself. The cheeses came in many colors like pale yellow, white, and white with specks of black pepper. There was even a mozzarella cheese in the shape of stars. It was definitely an experience for the books and one that I will never forget. After all, it’s not everyday that you see mountains of cheese, an actual boar’s head (did I mention that?), giant peppers, and have the opportunity to try them all right?


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One response to “To market, to market–Florence style

  1. I love the markets in Firenze! I bought a de-boned rabbit stuffed with fontina and proscuitto and cooked it that evening in the apartment we were renting. Amazing!

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