Mesmerized by Magnum

By: Chloe Castleberry

FLORENCE, Italy—Everyday for the past two and a half weeks we have walked by the Magnum Store and everyday I have wanted to go in to the ice cream bar shop with the hopes of making my own Magnum. The Magnum Ice Cream Bar, launched in Germany in 1989 but now owned by the British/Dutch Unilever Company, opened its new location in Florence by the Duomo last month. One night, after a delicious pasta dinner it was unanimously decided that were going.

As people anxiously wait for their turn in line to make their own Magnum, they can check out the many toppings and devise a plan of action. This is a three-step process. First, you choose what flavor of ice cream you want (either vanilla or chocolate). Second, you pick what flavor coating you want on top (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate). Lastly, you pick three toppings that you want drizzled on the finished product. There’s an assortment of choices for this such as pink sprinkles, brownie bits, pretzel bits, red chili flakes, pistachios, chocolate cookie bits and hazelnuts.

The Magnum location, next to Gelateria Edoardo, a popular spot in Florence, means business could probably be doing better. I’d check out both.


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