Snack food–Italian edition

Elizabeth Johnson

FLORENCE, Italy– In a country where three-course meals are served on the regular, I didn’t think Italians could possibly have any more room in their bellies (or store shelves) for snacks. But despite my low expectations for snack food variety, I ventured to the nearest grocery store after one too many stomach grumblings in between classes.

While browsing the shelves, I recognized some of the familiar brands from home. A few bags of Lay’s and stacked Pringles cans stuck out amongst the other Italian brand chips. But something about them seemed off.

Intrigued, I took a closer look. I thought I was going crazy when I began to read the flavors. Paprika, focaccia, rosemary and olive oil. These were definitely not the barbeque or sour cream and onion chips I had in mind. But with the spirit of a food writer and adventurous study abroad student, I decided I would try one of the peculiar flavors. After all, Italian food had never failed me before.

I grabbed a can of Pringles at random. But these weren’t just any Pringles; they were “Pringoooals” because we are still in Italy after all.

The can I grabbed just so happened to be Paprika flavored. Paprika, the sweet-hot dried, ground pods of red pepper frequently used for seasoning in India, Morocco, Europe and the Middle East, complemented the crispy potato chips surprisingly well.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy two more cans to get a mini football.

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