This little pig went to Siena

By: Chloe Castleberry
SIENA, Italy–Bacon, salami, and prosciutto are all very delicious types of meat that come from the pig, but what many people don’t realize (or want to think about) is the process that that makes these meats that we so love to eat. At Spannocchia, about 75 pigs are slaughtered a year, in the winter, fall, and spring, at the age of two years old, unlike many commercial pork operations that slaughter pigs at six months old. Most of the breeding sows at Spannocchia have two litters a year, and gestate for just under four months.

The Cinta Senese, a heritage breed found in the Siena province, has been in this region for well over a thousand years.This type of pig resembles a wild boar more than a domesticated pig. It has a long snout, long legs, and long ears used for foraging. And, the breed has a distinctive belt-like (cinta) white marking around the shoulders.

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