Ciao Italy (through raucous sobs)


MU Food Writers 2015 (left to right): Faith Vickery, Breckyn Crocker, Elizabeth Johnson, Claire Lardizabal, Molly Curry, Chloe Castleberry, Christine Jackson

By Molly Curry

CHIUSDINO, Italy – We’ve laughed. We’ve cried (looking at you, Christine). We’ve eaten more pasta than I had previously thought possible in such a short time. It is a miracle that we are not 300 pounds apiece, yet such is Italy, as we have learned throughout the month-long journey that was the Will Write for Food – Italian Edition study abroad trip.

Despite what you might think from the pictures, we learned a lot in between sightseeing and Instagramming our food. We learned about writing and history and how not to order food at an Italian restaurant. We learned about how a room filled with hundreds of pig’s legs hanging in midair can actually produce something as delicious as prosciutto, if you can still stomach meat after that. We might have even learned a little about ourselves during our time wandering through the winding streets of Florence, and later the beautiful, rolling hills of Spannocchia.

We have each grown, not only in our own ways, but together as a group. Imagine seven girls living in one house together for four weeks and somehow not ending in mutual destruction. This should go in the record books.

What’s even better than leaving this experience with memories that will last a lifetime is leaving with friends that will last a lifetime. We’ve been through so much together in the past four weeks, and I can’t wait to continue to go through life with these six amazing people by my side.

We would like to thank our teacher and veritable life coach, Nina, for everything she has done for us. Nina, you’re such an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your invaluable guidance through this incredible journey.

I guess I have to say goodbye now. All good things have to end, I suppose. But I refuse to say goodbye forever. Just for now. So until next time, ciao, Italy!


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