Baby steps in the shadow of the Duomo

By Nadav Soroker

20160516_Florence_WWFF_blog_baby steps Soroker

A youngster listens to street performers playing as light drizzle wets stone pavers outside of the Duomo di Firenze. Photo by Nadav Soroker

FLORENCE, Italy – After trickling in over two days, the MU food writing team gathered in the streets around the Duomo di Firenze to learn about food story, as well as our place in the world, in the old streets and towns of Tuscany. We seven explorers have just started dabbling among delicacies of Italy – gelato, caffe, panini.

We took tours through the old, hot streets of Florence to visit the Florence University of the Arts buildings scattered around the Old City, before stopping at a family gelateria for our first sampling. After gathering our final member, we waded through lines and cramped dark quarters to All’antico Vinaio for delicious panini, which we devoured while dodging cars and ducking in and out of shade in the nearby alleyway.

A brief rest pepped us up before our first class where we toured through Florence looking at the original Roman bones of the city; a city whose awareness of its history is embedded in every aspect of its existence from its bedrock to its bars. Ending south of the Duomo, we briefly stopped at our apartments before heading back out for dinner at Ganzo, the fabulous student-run restaurant of our FUA hosts, where we sat at tables on the patio and had a chance to sample some of the amazing food cooked by FUA student chefs. An opportunity, too, for our fearless and esteemed leader and educator, Nina Furstenau, to sample a Florentine original and Italian classic: the Negroni.

It’s a learning experience for all of us and we are just now taking our first steps, with much, much more to come.

20160517_Florence_WWFF_blog_Antico Vinno_Soroker

A panino, or Italian sandwhich, is constructed inside of All’antico Vinaio in central Florence while long lines of enthusiastic patrons wait. Photo by Nadav Soroker


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