Five things I didn’t know about Italy, no wait, six

By Raina Brooks

FLORENCE, Italy—There really are people singing opera in the street outside of restaurants in Florence. I remember watching the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp” as a child. As the two dogs ate their pasta at an Italian restaurant, there were opera singers in the background. The portrayal was pretty accurate, who knew? Sometimes what you may believe to be a myth is actually true.

All in all, having been in Florence for two days, I have already learned that places abroad may not be as you expect. Coming in with an open mind has aided my experience thus far.

Five things that I did not know before I came are:

  1. Authentic food may not be in touristy areas (some restaurants have been “Americanized”)
  2. Gelato is life changing (one of the best food items I have ever tried)
  3. The sandwiches are humongous (may account for two meals)
  4. Student-run facilities actually have good food (Although MU’s campus food is sometimes….lacking, students attending Florence University of the Arts can actually cook!)
  5. You will never be able to taste everything (there are so many unique foods, and a gelato place on virtually every block)

What with the opera, that makes six things I didn’t know so far. Give me a few days, there will be more.


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