Here’s the scoop

By Zara McDowell


A well-crafted gelato cone from Gelateria Santa Trinita. Photo by Zara McDowell

FLORENCE, Italy- Neatly stacked pink and brown cups line the back shelves of the Gelateria Santa Trinita, awaiting customers to pick their flavors. The gelateria, open for eight years, typically has eager crowds choosing from the classic choices-cioccolato, crema and vaniglia (chocolate, cream and vanilla) among many others. I ordered un piccolo cono con Santa Trinita e cioccolato with a trill of excitement, not knowing quite what the Santa Trinita flavor was (cream and Nutella).

Even the momentary delicacy of gelato has its base in a solid routine. Crema and sorbet are the two foundations for a gelataria’s final masterpieces. The gelato chef here arrives at the the Piazza Dei Frescobaldi at 7 a.m. to prepare the crema gelato that is ready by the time the store opens.

The sorbet gelato chef arrives at the Gelateria Santa Trinita at 9 a.m., and begins preparation for the fruit sorbet. Some sorbet flavors include fragola (strawberry), kiwi, limone (lemon) and pompelmo rosa (grapefruit). The gelateria’s fruit flavors vary as the fruits of the season change.

With a gelato shop on every corner adhering to a similar routine, it is evident that Italy enjoys their gelato precisely made. The Gelateria Santa Trinita, on the opposite side of the Arno River from the Duomo, prices its gelato ranging from 1,90 for two flavors and up to 8 for three flavors and larger portions.


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  1. Linda Leon

    What a wonderful article!! I really want to hop on the next plane to Italy .

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