Pasta pronto!

By Raina Brooks

FLORENCE, Italy – People will tell you that Italians often run late, do not rush and actually slow down to enjoy life. Eating at an Italian restaurant may be an affair that lasts for hours as Italians pause and enjoy a meal of several courses. For some strange reason, the Oliandolo restaurant did not get the memo.

Oliandolo, about a block from the Duomo, served food quicker than any restaurant I have even been to. Seriously, I got my food in less than five minutes.

Not only was it quick, it also tasted amazing. Food served that quickly in the U.S. is guaranteed to be either greasy, taste awful, involve fake meat, E.coli, lead to high blood pressure or a perhaps a combination of them all. I would not expect to be served a quality meal so quickly in the U.S., let alone an Italian restaurant. Just as we poured our drinks into glasses and began looking around at each other for conversation starters, the food was in front of us. Stunned silence followed.

Psst: I ordered penne alla carrettiera (pasta with hot, spicy and tomato, sauce) for only €5. A restaurant that is cheap and fast, almost guarantees a revisit.


Quick, tasty and high quality food at Oliandolo, Florence. Photo by Raina Brooks

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