Flying solo in Florence

By Jenna Severson


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What is more beautiful, the spaghetti or the view? Photo and question by Jenna Severson

FLORENCE, Italy – Now don’t get me wrong, I love my study abroad group and the adventures and laughs shared have been memorable to say the least, but experiencing a new city and culture with a group is entirely different than experiencing it alone. Time moves at a slightly different pace. You notice more details of the day like that one person dropping half of their gelato, or the radiant bride strolling through the piazza. Your schedule is loose and you can go into that shop if you want to, gosh darnit.

On my solo day in Florence, my main activity, besides shopping (sorry mom), was to just wander around the city and see where it took me. Armed with a map, water bottle, journal and PKW—phone, keys, wallet– I left the apartment in the afternoon with a pep in my step, ready to see what the day had in store for me.


Much to note. Photo by Jenna Severson

The day somehow contained the perfect amount of activities. Being on my own in Florence gave me time to truly take in the culture of Italy, like a piece of bread soaking up olive oil. There is just something so beautifully satisfying about choosing to do whatever you would like to do, and more importantly, managing to navigate a city on your own without getting lost.


Time to question life. Photo by Jenna Severson

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