Hollywood and heck: movie making meets Irish fishermen

Star Wars set

Filming site of Star Wars Episode VIII recreating a 6th century monastic site just off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. Photo from vantagenews.com

By: Caitlyn McGuire

DINGLE, Ireland – On a secluded island off the Dingle Peninsula – where traditionally the only sounds are the crashing waves of the wild Atlantic Ocean – Hollywood has made its mark.

Filming continues in Ireland for the next episode of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The first episode, The Force Awakens, featured the beautiful island of Skellig Michael. Movie goers were left with the final scene of Rey finding Jedi Master Luke Skywalker on this Irish isle.

The quiet headland on the Dingle Peninsula named Ceann Sibéal is Hollywood’s current fascination. Here, they are recreating the 6th century monastic site for Episode VIII in an attempt to match the original monastery on Skellig Michael.


Fenced off area for The Force Awakens lost in Irish mist. Photo by Caitlyn McGuire

Hollywood, currently leaving its physical mark on Dingle, limits access to the headland. In the past, it affected the fishing community of Skellig Michael in this way during the filming of The Force Awakens.

The tale is this: Fishermen, in their daily routine, would boat out to the island in the hopes of snatching up their daily catch. Hollywood found this to be a disruption, however, and asked the fishermen to stay clear of the area.

The men grunted and groaned; just how were they supposed to make a living?

Hollywood found an easy solution, 1000 euros to the men not able to fish in their spot. The fishermen found no way to argue with that logic, and happily avoided the island and populated the local pub.

I, however, find a bit of room for argument. After tasting the fresh, beer-battered heck that the Atlantic Ocean provides near the Dingle Peninsula, there needs to be as many people out there as possible catching this delicacy to fill my tummy.

Being the Star Wars fan I am, though, I suppose I’ll let this one slide.

20160626_135210 (1)

Caitlyn McGuire, MU food writer, as Princess Leila on Dingle Peninsula. Photo by Tori Lock

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