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Flying overnight and arriving in Italy: expectations vs. realities

By Molly Curry

FLORENCE, Italy — As with most first experiences, I had some expectations about Florence, and of course, as with most first experiences, my expectations differed immensely from the actual events of the day. Thus, this blog post was born. I give you:

Expectation 1: I’ll try not to sleep the night before so that I can sleep most of the time during our 8-hour flight to Paris.

Reality: I didn’t sleep the night before OR on the plane. I think I am actually sleep-typing this blog post right now. Unclear.

Expectation 2: Whenever they serve food on planes in movies, it’s always really fancy like a full roasted chicken with gold shavings for the spices.

Reality: THIS. Photo 1 (1)

Expectation 3: I should wear cute shoes on the first day of walking around to make a good impression.

Reality: The only impression that anyone got of me was that I might have broken a limb recently, due to the excessive moaning and limping.

Expepctation 4: Getting around won’t be that hard, I’ll have a map and I am directionally gifted. I’ll be fine!

Reality: As it happens, I am actually directionally challenged. I haven’t even looked at a map since the invention GPS and now I have a lot of regrets.

Expectation 5: Our apartment will be perfect and I will have a gorgeous view out of my window.

Reality: OK, this one actually did come true. Photo 2

So, after a grueling day of three different airports, two TSA pat downs and at least one time being hopelessly lost, international travel was not quite what I expected. But even though a lot of what happened today surprised me, I found that I was not perturbed by these surprises. They presented themselves as new challenges and I felt as though I rose, or at least, attempted to rise to them as best as I could. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. Now, at the embarrassingly early time of 9 pm, I must say goodnight to you, Florence. But don’t you worry, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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