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Some like it fried

By: Faith Vickery

NAPLES, Italy— “Fried or Baked?” This isn’t the usual question we ask ourselves in a pizzeria but I’m glad we did.

At Pizzeria la Campagnola they don’t just offer a baked calzone, but a fried one as well. We went for the later. The first time, anyway.

The calzone, like the pizza, originated in Naples. The word calzoni directly translates to “pants leg” according to an article by Robert Sietsema in the NYEater. The calzoni was invented to be a pizza you could walk with and eat at the same time. It’s commonly filled with mozzarella, anchovies, and tomatoes, but the possibilities are endless. Basically take your favorite pizza, fold it in half, then bake or fry it. Calzones can be fried in olive oil, like the one we experienced Friday night at Pizzeria la Campagnola.

Having now tried both a baked calzone and fried calzone I can say that they’re very different. The fried calzone has bread like a savory donut. Comfort food heaven. The baked calzone is your classic pizza but surrounded by perfectly baked pizza dough. Despite their differences they’re both equally delicious and portable. Even if you don’t find yourself in Naples, head out to your local pizzeria and see which calzone your taste buds prefer.

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